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“Khalilah Brown-Dean is one of the most insightful and inspiring speakers I have heard on the subject of Identity and its influence on public policy and the law.  It is a topic that generally elicits defensiveness and oppositional debate.  Yet, through her concise and substantive analysis, and her candid yet amiable presentation, Dr. Brown-Dean finds a way to cut through the noise to impart knowledge.  Recently, in celebration of Black History Month, Dr. Brown-Dean spoke at a lunch at our firm about the Voting Rights Act, a topic she made engaging, enjoyable and informative.  Her presentation to this corporate law firm audience was universally well received, and we look forward to future opportunities to collaborate with her.  When Dr. Brown-Dean shared the news of her upcoming book, I passed it along to my colleagues.  We are all awaiting it with great anticipation because this book is one that we all need to read and Dr. Brown-Dean’s voice is the ideal one to present it.”

Angela C Robinson
Litigation Partner and Chief Inclusion and Equity Officer, Wiggin and Dana, LLP

Consulting and Training by Dr. Khalilah L. Brown-Dean

Professor Brown-Dean uses her 16 years of dedicated professional experience to challenge companies, communities, and organizations to achieve their highest potential. She is particularly adept at crafting actionable recommendations to help organizations flourish with a lens of philanthropy and civic engagement.


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